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Congree component


Added featureEditor supportCongree now supports Servigistics Arbortext 8.0 Editor and Servigistics Arbortext Editor 8.1.
Congree TermTigerCongree now supports TermBases of Congree TermTiger everywhere.
Editor supportCongree now supports Oxygen Editor 20.1.
Improved featureLoginIt is now possible to reuse an already issued token for Congree Control Center in Congree Web API.
Congree TermTigerIt is no longer possible to remove a language in Congree TermTiger if that language is already in use.
TerminologyIf during TermSync Interverbum TermWeb cannot be reached, TermSync is no longer instantly canceled.
Corrected behaviorEditor supportThe Congree Authoring Client for Microsoft PowerPoint does not recognize hexadecimal value 0x0B.
Editor supportCongree Language Check reads inline graphics in Adobe FrameMaker as two empty spaces.
Editor supportUnder certain circumstances Oxygen freezes, when the plug-in for Tridion Docs exists.
Congree TermTigerThe CSV import endpoint does not return all available attribute values.
Editor supportThe Congree Authoring Client for Microsoft Word does not recognize hexadecimal value 0x0C.
Congree Term ExtractionIf an author resends an already proposed term candidate, added attributes and values are not stored.