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Congree componentDescriptionCongree Issue-ID
Improved feature

Congree TermTigerTermTiger no longer remembers the last search in the manage grid after logging out.CCD-206
Added more error details when loading or importing TBX does not work in Congree TermTiger.CCD-465
Editor SupportCongree for Author-it now supports inline graphics.CCD-265
Congree no longer interacts with default text in empty elements in JustSystems XMetaL.CCD-248
Congree TermTigerYou can now correctly sort and search by concept ID in Congree TermTiger.CCD-148
Corrected behaviorCongree Style Guide ManagerFixed an issue with English compilation that caused words to be stored incorrectly in user lexicon.CCD-408
Solved a problem at compilation for adjectives.CCD-457
LinguisticCreated a workaround for unsupported unicode characters that would otherwise lead to offset errors.CCD-430
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