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Congree componentDescriptionCongree Issue-ID
Added featureLinguisticIt is now possible to exclude unwanted notifications on the server side to reduce amount of linguistic projects needed.BLPCON-13490
Congree Control CenterRules 8815de and 8814de can now be configured correctly in paragraph recognition settings.BLPCON-13438
Congree ReportingIndividual detail reports can now be exported as PDF.BLPCON-13034
Improved featureCongree Web APICongree Web API now considers setting for known terms in document-specific rule set.BLPCON-13511
Congree Authoring ServerRecycling of IIS Application Pools is now more reliable.BLPCON-13508
Congree Deployment AssistantIt is now possible to install Linguistic Engines for different languages on different hosts.BLPCON-13470
Congree TermTigerCongree TermTiger will no longer reject TBX files if they contain custom languages.BLPCON-13269
Corrected behavior
Congree Control Center

Unwanted style rules in paragraph recognition settings did not always deactivate correctly.BLPCON-13507
Rule s8104en can now be configured correctly in paragraph recognition settings.BLPCON-13436
LoginTrustCMS users have not been created instantly leading to multiple identical users being created in certain scenarioBLPCON-13141
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