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Congree componentDescriptionCongree Issue-ID
Added featureToolbar and SettingsIntegration against Congree Web API can now store any kind of settings on the server side.BLPCON-13326
Reporting ManagerYou can now send certain notifications in reporting details directly to the user lexicon.BCWD-608
Editor supportCongree now supports JustSystems JustSystems XMetaL® Author 16 and JustSystems XMetaL® XMAX™ 16.BLPCON-13313
Improved featureEditor supportWhen starting a new line in Microsoft Word, it can no longer happen that previous results are lost.BLPCON-13201
Congree User ManagerIt is no longer possible to delete more users that planned when applying any filters in manage users grid.BLPCON-13325
Corrected behaviorLinguisticIn Congree for Microsoft Word, the button to undo "ignore all" was no longer visible.BLPCON-13435
Editor supportVariables in ASC Author-it® lead to displaced notification highlighting.BLPCON-13252
Style Guide Manager

Cases table in user lexicon is not always displayed correctly.BCWD-640
Delete button has been active in synonyms even though no synonym set has been selected.BCWD-264
Congree TermTiger

Language selection in TermTiger views sometimes did not show entire language string.BCWD-638
Column configuration in TermTiger manage grid was lost after refresh.BCWD-632
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