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Congree componentDescriptionCongree Issue-ID
Added featureLinguisticCongree can now learn from user behavior and not show notifications that have been ignored often in the past.BLPCON-13344
Congree Control CenterMessages configuration can now be accessed directly from Congree Control Center start screen.BLPCON-13191
Editor supportCongree now supports Author-it version 2021 R1.BLPCON-13205
Improved featureCongree Web APIMade several consecutive TBX imports more reliable.BLPCON-13353
Congree TermSync ServiceCongree TermTiger can now be accessed correctly by Congree TermSync in 4-tier environments.BLPCON-13303
Congree Authoring ClientMessages shown in Congree Authoring Client now have clickable links and can be copied.BLPCON-13242
Reporting ManagerIt is now possible to see the entire rule set name in release level statistics.BCWD-630
Congree TermTigerIt is now possible to configure views for fields with translatable content in Congree TermTiger.BCWD-626
Style Guide ManagerSwitched to alphabetical sorting in many picklists of Congree Control Center Web.BCWD-292
Changed featureCongree ReportingAuthors can now access their reporting results even when no reports are saved on the server side.BLPCON-12823
Corrected behaviorCongree TermTigerFixed some issues with rights and views in Congree TermTiger.BCWD-629
When more than one attribute exists for exactly the same language, only the first one will be imported.BLPCON-13272
Attributes with translatable content cannot be configured correctly in views.BLPCON-13439
Congree Reporting, Reporting ManagerChanges to reporting config are not always saved.BLPCON-13305
Better readability for rule sets and Congree versions in reporting overview.BCWD-606
Style Guide ManagerNot all changes done in user lexicon table for incorrect spelling have been saved.BLPCON-13422
LinguisticIn some cases terminology notifications DEPR and ADM are not displayed.BLPCON-13376
Congree TermSync ServiceCongree TermSync can fail under certain circumstances.BLPCON-13374
Congree Control CenterCannot add user lexicon entry for incorrect spelling with cases.BLPCON-13349
Editor supportIn some rare cases message "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" appears in Congree for Adobe FrameMaker.BLPCON-13310
LicensingUpdated list of third-party software used by Congree.BLPCON-13309
Congree Authoring MemoryLanguages not configured for Congree Language Check interfere with result display in Congree Authoring Memory.BLPCON-13255
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