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Congree componentDescription
Added featureCongree Content AnalysisContent Analysis can now also be used to check XML documents wielding the same results as Document Check in Congree Data Grooming.
Improved featureCongree Web APIIt is now possible to run Congree Web API on a separate host with the help of Customer Services.
Congree Control CenterImport of large user lexicons is now more reliable.
For users that do not have any messages configured, user manager shows "N/A" instead of "Seen" now.
Congree TermTigerYou can now filter for all available languages in your Congree TermTiger TermBase even if that language is currently not used or displayed.
Handling of concept ID has been improved in Congree TermTiger.
Congree Linguistic CompilerThe Congree Linguistic Server can now be hosted on a separate server without additional components.
Corrected behaviorCongree Authoring Client

In some rare cases enabled reporting could lead to a failed login in Microsoft Word.
Fixed a "Unable to cast xml offset points" error in JustSystems XMetaL Author.
Fixed some logical issues in Language Check Panel and in Terminology Reasearch Panel.

In some rare cases Language Check Panel did not keep focus on the currently selected notification in JustSystems XMetaL Author.

LinguisticsAmpersands in the correction proposal could lead to an error message in some cases in JustSystems XMetaL Author.
Congree TermTigerViews have not been applied correctly to groups in Congree TermTiger.
Congree Control Center

Rule "unknown" for English has not been considered in default rule sets and rule set wizard.
The hyperlink from Congree Control Center to Congree TermTiger did no longer work.
InstallerA migration problem existed in database "Congree_ScheduledJobs".
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