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Congree componentDescription
Improved featureCongree Deployment AssistantImproved handling of versions.xml in Congree Deployment Assistant Configuration Service.
Congree Content Analysis

The Congree Content Analysis user interface no longer claims that you can repeat XML jobs.
Sorting in Congree Content Analysis is now remembered for the next session.
You can now see what tasks are going to be repeated in the user interface of Congree Content analysis.
Changed behaviorCongree Content AnalysisCongree Content Analysis now has a new header.
Corrected behaviorEditor supportIn Congree for Oxygen, notifications have not always been highlighted in Langauge Check Panel.
Localizationin FrameMaker 2020 it was no longer possible to change the language of the Congree user interface.
Congree Control CenterRemoving all user lexicon entries was not always successful.
Some user lexicon entries have been compiled incorrectly.
Better readability within the Congree Control Center user interface for bright screens.
Moving user lexicon entries from one category to another did not work correctly in all cases.
Search fields in Congree Control Center are now properly attributed as search fields.
LoginA unclear error message was displayed when users logged in with an untrusted domain.
Congree Web APIWith certain configurations Congree Web Interface offers too many rule sets not meant for the author.
Congree TermTigerCSV export in Congree TermTiger contained the wrong concept ID.
In the import table of Congree TermTiger some picklists where too small.
Congree Authoring MemoryResults in Congree Authoring Memory sometimes did not scroll correctly.
LinguisticFocus of the currently selected notification in Language Check Panel ist often lost when enabling or disabling details.
Congree Content Analysis

Added some missing translations in Congree Content Analysis.
When you now resize any columns in Congree Content Analysis, your configuration is remembered for the next session.
The user interface of Content Analysis did not update after crawling was finished.
Congree Content Analysis can now process additional character entity references.
Checked webpages have not been counted correctly in Congree Content Analysis.
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