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Congree componentDescription
Added featureCongree Control CenterYou can now configure and display any kind of message to authors.
Congree TermTigerYou can now configure views for TermTiger to manage what fields and values should be seen by users.
It is now possible to access manage grid in TermTiger without logging in.
Improved featureEditor supportCongree Reporting reacts more flexible on unsupported document names in PTC Arbortext Editor.
InstallerAll installers included in Congree Deployment Assistant are now signed.
Congree ReportingStatistics are now loaded much faster.
Congree TermTigerA clear error message now warns users of Congree TermTiger when no language has been selected for the currently used TermBase.
You can now bulk edit terms in Congree TermTiger.
You can now configure size and position of columns Congree TermTiger manage grid.
Corrected behaviorCongree Linguistic CompilerUnder certain security settings, compilation will fail.
Congree ReportingFor a large number of reports, select all does not work in reporting overview.
Congree Authoring ClientChanging the environment in Congree for JustSystem XMetaL client settings sometimes has no effect.
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