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Congree componentDescription
Added featureCongree Deployment AssistantAdded new feature "Congree Content Analysis" to Congree Data Grooming.
Improved featureCongree TermTigerImproved IIS configuration in case of HTTPS.
Congree Web APIIncreased performance of Congree Web API.
Congree Authoring MemoryUpdated sentence segmentation rules für Congree Authoring Memory.
Congree Deployment AssistantImproved configuration and accessibility of Congree when HTTPS is used.
Changed featureTerminologyCongree now supports subattributes of Kaleidoscope quickTerm.
Corrected behaviorCongree Health SystemCongree Health no longer operational.
Congree Health shows an error when database for Linguistic Engine DE is missing.
Congree Authoring MemoryIn some cases, similarity is calculated incorrectly.
Challenge does not work correctly in all cases.
Cannot approve sentences for French and Spanish.
Not all approved sentences are later found as 100% matches.
Removing the last character of a paragraph removes results from Congree Authoring Memory in Congree für Microsoft Word.
Some sentences are stored incorrectly in Congree Authoring Memory.
Congree Web APIFirst check against Congree Linguistic Engine fails after IIS has been restarted.
TerminologyIn some cases definitions do not show in Congree for Microsoft Word when the terminology system is Kaleidoscope quickTerm.
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