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Congree component


Added featureCongree TermTigerAdded endpoints for Congree TermTiger to configure views in manage grid.

Improved feature

Reporting ManagerSorting configured in Reporting overview is now stored for the next session.
Granularity filter for statistics is no longer cleared when entering the menu again.
Range in report details is now highlighted in context cell.
Context in report details no longer shows XML attributes and values.
Congree Web APIReduced server load for Language Check requests.
LinguisticImproved stability of Congree Linguistic Engine on huge paragraphs.
Congree Control CenterIf a Bulk change in the user lexicon would lead to duplicate entries, that change is skipped instead of canceling the entire operation.

Improved login behavior in OpenID Connect and SAML2.

Corrected behavior

Congree Bulk Check Service

Congree Bulk Check Service is not installed correctly.

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