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Congree component


Added featureTerminologyYou can now configure Concept ID to be displayed in Terminology Research Panel if Congree TermTiger is used.

Improved feature

Congree Control CenterCongree Web API now allows to store complex noun phrases in the user lexicon.
Changed featureCongree Authoring MemoryUpdated Solr to 8.8.2 and introduced automatic reindexing if necessary.

Corrected behavior

Congree Data Grooming

Cannot propose Authoring Memory Candidates when transport encryption is used between client and server.

Congree Authoring MemoryIncreased maximum size for TMX import to 2 GB.
LoginCongree does not update external identity provider when switching environments.
Editor supportArbortext 8.x writes errors in windows event viewer when Congree is installed.
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