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Congree component


Added featureCongree Reporting

Added possibility to access linguistic detail reports directly by way of a link.

Added possibility to assign and revoke right to see linguistic detail reports.


LoadTestTool now optionally supports https.

Improved feature

Back End Connector for Across

Congree Authoring Memory now supports namespaces in PTC Arbortext Editor.

Congree Authoring Memory

Made Authoring Memory Core availability more reliable.


Reworked concept ID to count it per TermBase and to be able to consider it at import.

Style Guide Manager

Added better protection to rule configuration to avoid losing unsaved changes.

Changed featureCongree Reporting

Document Check now finishes without success message and linguistic report is opened in the browser.

Corrected behavior


I can select "non" as a sublanguage in user settings but it has no effect or purpose.

Congree TermTiger

Cannot edit field values after importing a field configuration.

Certain value mappings can lead to wrong term display.

Reporting Manager

CSV export of detail report does not contain all columns and order is incorrect.

Columns in Detail Report sometimes change in size.

Added linguistic update 115.

Congree Control Center

Cannot copy nor move status or cases in user lexicon.

English Best Practices rule set is missing important rule "unknownres".
Congree Linguistic CompilerCompilation does not contain correct chain configuration.
Editor supportPTC Arbortext Editor sometimes shows error "The arithmetic operation caused an overflow."
Congree Authoring Memory

In Microsoft Word, Congree Authoring Memory Candidates Panel does not always clear after all Authoring Memory Candidates have been forwarded.

Style Guide ManagerBulk change in user lexicon freezes when a change would lead to a duplicate.
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