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Congree component


Improved feature

Congree Web APIThe Congree Web API no longer applies origin restriction using CORS.
LoginAdded options to configure OpenID Connect in Congree Deployment Assistant.
Congree Control CenterAdded words to the user lexicon now overwrite the system lexicon by default but the user has an option to change that.

Corrected behavior

Congree TermTigerCannot import large TBX files into Congree TermTiger.
Some TBX files cannot be imported completely in Congree TermTiger.
Fields are not mapped correctly when importing CSV into Congree TermTiger.
"Bad request" error when importing CSV into Congree TermTiger.
Congree Control CenterIn some rare cases, exports cannot be imported back into the user lexicon.
TerminologyEmpty columns in CSV files are offered for mapping in Congree TermTiger.
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