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Congree component


Added featureReporting ManagerCongree Reporting Manager now features usage statistics.

Improved feature

Congree TermTiger

Increased stability of import feature in Congree TermTiger.
Removed search possibilities from Definition in Congree TermTiger since it is not supported.
Resized edit column in Congree TermTiger manage grid is reset when the session ends.
Keyword, instruction and notification as well as all text fields in Congree TermTiger are now embedded in tags that can be recognized by Congree for Chrome.
Style Guide Manager
Feature updates are now instantly available without the need to clear the browser cache.
Congree no longer tries to access fonts and other styling resources online.
Components of Congree Control Center Web that are not included in the current license are no longer shown.
Reporting ManagerImproved "doughnut" design of release level statistics.

Corrected behavior

Congree TermTigerSome fields in Congree TermTiger are considered translatable although they are not.
Sometimes certain picklist have the wrong size.
Editor supportA memory leak in Congree for Oxygen can lead to a crash or freeze.
Congree Control CenterNotification configuration is not considered if Style Guide and document-specific rule set have different cultures.
Congree Authoring MemoryClicking sentences in Congree Authoring Memory sometimes collapses proposal display.
Reporting ManagerUnder certain circumstances, statistical data is deleted even if "keep statistical data" is enabled.
Report comparison fails for certain document content.
Style Guide ManagerIn some rare cases logging into Style Guide Manager leads to a white screen.
In some cases, Congree Style Guide Manager does not recognize licenses correctly.
An error message is displayed when a different language is selected in Style Guide Manager.
Changes to rule configuration in Congree Style Guide Manager can now be undone.
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