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Congree component


Improved feature

Congree Deployment Assistant

Changed installation directories for Congree Bulk Check Service and Congree Deployment Assistant Configuration Service.


Introduced Congree Web API pooling to avoid CPU overload on the server side.

Corrected behavior

Congree TermSync Service

TermSync throws exceptions in rare cases.

Congree Linguistic Compiler

Sublanguage information is not written into the compiled Style Guide.

Congree Language Check reporting

Disregarded notifications are counted incorrectly in statistics.

Congree Deployment Assistant

Congree Deployment Assistant does not check for installed WCF HTTP Activation Feature.

Moving to new servers is not considered in environment configurations on the client side.

Editor support

The Congree Linguistic Engine for English can crash when checking certain content in Microsoft Word.

In certain cases using Congree leads to a null pointer exception on Oxygen.

Congree Control Center

Links in Congree Control Center to Style Guide Manager, Reporting Manager and Congree TermTiger do not consider HTTPS.

Newly created configurations for Terminology Research and TermSync show wrong field values.

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