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Congree componentDescription
Improved featureCongree for Oxygen Editor

The stability of Congree for Oxygen when switching between documents or topics has been improved.
Logging and stability of Congree in Oxygen have been improved.
Congree TermTigerIt is no longer possible to start a TBX import in Congree TermTiger when content language has not been mapped.
Corrected behaviorCongree TermSync ServiceSome Congree TermSync jobs are no longer functional and have to be recreated.
Editor supportIn Congree for Oxygen, a dialog is shown before the user can switch to text view.
In some rare cases, it is not possible to log into Congree when working with books in Adobe FrameMaker.
InfrastructureConnection to Congree Servers via HTTPS is not working correctly.
Document CheckingNotification highlights are misplaced when certain character transformations have been applied.
Congree Control CenterThe toolbar is missing in Congree Control Center Web when the user is coming from Congree Control Center.
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