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Congree componentDescription
Added featureCongree Authoring MemoryCongree Web API does now allow to import TMX into Congree Authoring Memory.
InfrastructureCongree Authoring Client and Congree Control Center can now be configured to enforce communication via HTTPS.
Improved featureLinguisticCongree can now better handle Congree Language Check notifications that only include an opening or closing tag.
TerminologyWhen requesting attributes and values from Kaleidoscope quickTerm, Congree now tries to get the alias instead of the technical ID.
Congree Deployment AssistantCongree Deployment Assistant can now optionally communicate with Congree Deployment Assistant Configuration Service via HTTPS.
Changed featureLicensingThe copyright year has been changed to 2021.
Corrected behaviorCongree TermSync ServiceStyle Guides become invisible in the user interface of TermSync.
Editor supportUnder rare circumstances, canceling and restarting a document check leads to an error message in Congree for Adobe FrameMaker.
Closing a topic in Oxygen can sometimes lead to an exception.
Congree does not recognize hexadecimal character 0x13 in Adobe FrameMaker.
Loading Oxygen is slower when the plug-in for Congree exists.
Whenever Congree is loading data in any Congree panel, a small delay can occur in Oxygen.
Toolbar and settingsUsing the Proxy Editor, in very rare cases incorrect document-specific rule sets are offered to the author.
Congree TermTigerIt is not possible to change the equivalence of already existing usage fields.
Congree Linguistic CompilerIf there are incorrect spelling variants with no cases configured, compiled Style Guides do not contain all data.
Congree Control CenterThe save button in Congree Control Center -> Global Settings is always active even if no changes have been made.
Congree does not correctly handle two identically named Style Guides in different cultures.
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