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This documentation describes the configuration and deployment of the Congree Bulk Check Service.


Information, Tip, Note



Additional information for better understanding



Tip on working efficiently


Important note to avoid problems

Text Markups

the "Settings" dialog

User interface label


File name

Actions to be Performed

  1. Correct the error.
  2. Click "Check again".

Actions are numbered consecutively.

  1. The "Check document" will open up.

The arrow indicates system reactions.

You have several options:

  • Replace the faulty text.
  • Click "Apply correction".

Circles mean: You have several action options.

  1. The error has been successfully corrected.

The equals sign indicates the result of a successfully performed action.

  1. The notification "The document does not contain any passages to be checked" is displayed.

The not equals sign indicates potentially undesirable results.

  • The sentence will be inserted in your document.
The box enables you to document which actions have already been performed and which results have already been achieved in the course of your evaluation.

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